Since returning from Africa at the start of the 70s, I have watched badgers, and anything else around in woods at night. When I own up to this somewhat strange activity, new acquaintances have that look in the eye which says "We've got an odd one here!" However, there are good reasons for spending time in woods night and day, as I explain here.

For a year, I wrote the following accounts of my badger-watching sessions for the alt.rec.badgers newsgroup. Many people across the world have emailed me in appreciation or asking questions about badgers. Some people want to see badgers for themselves, and these pages answer many questions on how to do it.

20th April: Badger-watching - how not to do it!

4th May: Badger diggers in Double Wood

15th May: Badgers & Bluebells in Quesse Wood

21st May: Double Wood with air rifles and teenagers

28th May: A fox screams in Quesse Wood.

10th June: Not much happening in Double Wood.

27th June: An old badger wood revisited.

7th July: Where are the cubs this year?

21st July: Found the Cubs

23rd July: Mother & Cubs.

16th August: Do badgers always seem nice and cuddly?

17th August: Watching badgers with Rhiannon.

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